2D with Move and Zoom

This site is mainly concerned with 3D cross-eye images. However, I have included some 2D images. You can still zoom in or out and move the image around to inspect it in detail. I'm surprised that more websites don't offer this. Note that these images cannot be rotated.
You may have to wait a second or two on larger files downloading.


Fly (0.21 MB)

Back Flip (0.46 MB)

The Performer (0.7 MB)

Old College bar (0.9 MB)

Frog (1.1 MB)

McLennan's Arch (1.9 MB)

The Kelpies (1.9 MB)

Into The Snow (2 MB)

Portencross (2 MB)

Clyde Tidal Weir (2 MB)

Mount Lycabettus (2.2 MB)

Where's Wally (2.4 MB)