3D with Zoom

Here are some cross-eye images in 3D. You can zoom-in to explore the images. Both images are synchronised so that they will match up when you move or zoom-in. Remember that you can use a mixture of keyboard and mouse to control the image.


Melrose Abbey 1 (1.5 MB)

Melrose Abbey 2 (1.0 MB)

Melrose Abbey 3 (1.0 MB)

Admiration (0.43 MB)

Breaking Out (0.7 MB)

Bird Show (0.8 MB)

Juggler (0.8 MB)

Slash (1.0 MB)

Fish (1.2 MB)

Sunset Pose (1.2 MB)

Cheers (2.0 MB)

Coctail (2.0 MB)

Keepy Upy (2.4 MB)

Circus (2.4 MB)

Preacher (2.8 MB)